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National Farmers Union – Region One, District One (Prince Edward Island)


The National Farmers Union is a direct-membership voluntary organization made up of Canadian farm families who share common goals. It is the only farm organization incorporated through an Act of Parliament.


NFU members believe that the problems facing farmers are common problems, and that farmers producing diverse products must work together to advance effective solutions. The NFU works toward the development of economic and social policies that will maintain the family farm as the primary food-producing unit in Canada.


The National Farmers Union is the only voluntary national farm organization in Canada which is committed to:

  • ensuring family farms are the primary unit of food production;

  • promoting environmentally-safe farming practices;

  • giving farm women equal voice in shaping farm policy;

  • working for fair food prices for both farmers and consumers;

  • involving, educating and empowering rural youth for a better future;

  • building healthy, vibrant rural communities;

  • ensuring an adequate supply of safe, nutritious food for Canadians.

  • solidarity with family farmers internationally


The National Farmers Union is unique among farm organizations in working for people’s interests against corporate control of our food system.


National Farmers Union

Prince Edward Island

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