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NFU Presents to the PEI Standing Committee on Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability

Edith Ling and Doug Campbell appeared before the PEI Legislature’s Standing Committee on Natural Resources and Sustainability on November 5, 2020. They shared the NFU’s concerns about Prince Edward Island’s most valuable resources, stressing the importance of recognizing the interconnection between the health of farming, and of land and water. They urged to committee to and the public responsibility of ensuring that land and water are utilized and protected for the good of all farmers and all Islanders. You can see their presentation on facebook here (or visit the PEI Legislature’s website here and search for the November 5 meeting) of the committee (the presentation starts at 1 hr 16 min) is or their read their entire submission here.

The presentation concluded with a request, on behalf of the National Farmers Union that the Committee to include the following recommendations in their report to the Legislative Assembly:

  1. Add to the Corporate Business Registry a personal name search field as promised by Premier Dennis King at the pre-election All Candidates’ debate.

  2. Companies incorporating Federally and registering to do business in P. E. I. must disclose shareholders and directors.

  3. That all IRAC recommendations to Executive Council concerning land transactions be made public as promised by Premier Dennis King in the election campaign.

  4. The Progressive Conservative promise be immediately kept for a mandatory course for all M.L.A.’s on the Lands Protection Act.

  5. A land banking program be immediately introduced.

  6. Land required to be divested because of circumvention of the Lands Protection Act be some of the first land purchased for the newly-established Land Bank.

  7. The Land Banking program be administered by the Department of Agriculture and Land.

  8. That the Government begin the rebuilding of a strong Department of Agriculture and Land throughout the Province.

  9. Government implement comprehensive strategies to move towards a sustainable farming model in Prince Edward Island.

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