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Lands Protection in the Legislature – November 23-27

The Coalition for the Protection of PEI Land is asking Islanders to contact their MLAs to let them know that how land is treated and managed matters.

It is our understanding that land issues will be discussed this week in the legislature. No doubt many critically important issues will be debated. If you are concerned about the land and the issues related to it, we ask that you contact your MLA and request that they stand behind those who will be speaking out for the land.From our perspective if you are not concerned, you should be. Here is why: The spirit and intent of the Lands Protection Act is being abused and it seems like the present and many past governments have looked the other way in order to allow large corporations to abuse it.

There were and still are many valid reasons that we need a Lands Protection Act, including:

  1. abuse of land using unsustainable farming methods which results in low soil organic matter, tainted wells, ongoing fish/river kills, anoxic waterways, dried up rivers and streams, diminishing/disappearing wildlife, erosion, etc…land being sold without being properly advertised;

  2. when large corporations with deep pockets buy the land, it boosts the prices up so high that young farming families can’t afford to purchase

  3. each time the act is abused, it sends a message to those corporations that they do indeed have power over government and in turn, they have power over our future.

Please take a few minutes today to contact your MLA with your reasons for supporting our precious land.

It is so important for MLA’s who are concerned for the land to stand up and support those who are asking the right questions next week. Please share this request with others you know who care about what happens to land in this Province. Many thanks.” Members of the Legislative Assembly contact information (scroll to find your MLA):

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