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A Water Act for PEI – Submission by the NFU Region 1, District 1

The National Farmers Union, District 1, Region 1 Submission concerning The Development of the PEI Water Act Presented to the PEI Environmental Advisory Council November 3, 2015

The National Farmers Union (NFU) appreciates this opportunity to add our voice to many others concerning the intent and content of the PEI Water Act. We compliment the PEI Environmental Advisory Council for conducting an open process to receive the input of many groups and individuals. It has been a great relief and a joy to hear Islanders from many diverse sectors expressing what we have promoted since our founding in 1969. These sectors include long-time associates such the environmental movement and social justice organizations, all of us inspired by the teachings of the Mi’kmaq people.

Our key point over the years, which we are hearing from many groups is the central role of the land, water, air, and all inhabitants of this planet. In 2014, many new voices were raised, loud and clear, about the unacceptability of lifting the moratorium on high capacity wells. It is clear once again this year that Islanders are passionate about water. They expect a Water Act which protects water. In this submission we will address the following points: 1.0 The Act must identify water as a living and unifying element 2.0 The Act must acknowledge that water is a common trust 3.0 The Act must consider water in the context of the current economic system 4.0 The Act must identify the lack of, and necessity for, believable science 5.0 The Act must outline reprisals for the abuse of water quality and quantity 6..0 Need for wide ranging community involvement in the formation of the act, the policies, and regulations

Download the pdf here.

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